US6000-11D UPS | 2-10kVA | Electric Power UPS

US6000-11D UPS | 2-10kVA | Electric Power UPS

The diode is directly connected to the DC bus, which is suitable for the flexible configuration of power system. The output isolation transformer is equipped to provide reliable isolation for the user’s equipment.

Digital DSP intelligent control technology, online double conversion design and precise detection system design ensure to the high reliability and safety of the product.

Power-on-self-test and complete fault protection capability to improve the stability of system operation.

The system is available for 220/230/240V, 50/60Hz power grid system.

Rackmount design, easily install in 19-inch standard cabinet or rack. Multiple communication interfaces to realize intelligent and remote monitoring.

Excellent load capacity which is 12.5% higher than the traditional power UPS improves the reliability of system.


CAPACITY 2kVA 3kVA 5kVA 6kVA 7.5kVA 8kVA 10kVA


Rated Input 220/230/240Vac, 50/60Hz(Single phase) 220/230/240Vac, 50/60Hz(Single phase), 380/400/415Vac, 50/60Hz(Three phase)
Voltage Range 165Vac~275Vac 165Vac~275Vac, 285Vac~498Vac
Frequency Range 45~66Hz
Bypass Rated Input 220Vac, 50Hz(Single phase)
Voltage Range -40%~+20% (Can be set)
Frequency Range ±2.5%,±5%,±10%,±20% can be set
Synchronous Range ±0.5—±3Hz can be set
Output Rated Output 220Vac, 50Hz(Single phase + Ground)
Power Factor 0.9
Voltage Stabilized Accuracy ±1% (balanced load)
Voltage Dynamic Transient ±5% (0 to 100% load change)
Total Harmonic Distortion| THD <1% (100% linear load), <3% (100% non-linear load)
Frequency Accuracy ±0.05%
Parallel Capacity 4
Inverter Overload Capability Inverter operation : 110% long-term,  125% 10 minutes, 150% 1 minute
DC Voltage 110/220V
Voltage Range -20%~+30%(can be set)
Other Display LCD+LED, Touch screen(optional)
Working Environment Temperature 0~40°C
Humidity 0~95%
Noise ≤50dB ≤55dB
Dimension W(mm) 480
H(mm) 177(4U) 352(8U) 177(4U)
W(mm) 482(19 inch)
Weight KG 60 85 30
Input isolation transformer internal internal/external external
Output isolation transformer internal internal/external external
Control Management RS232/485 Support windows XP/7/8/10/Linux/Mac
SNMP(optional) Support for power management by SNMP administrators through web browsers