60KVA/120KWH Regen Compatible Elevator & Lighting Battery Backup System

60KVA/120KWH Regen Compatible Elevator & Lighting Battery Backup System

The 60KVA elevator & lighting battery backup system provides 2 hours of backup power to standard elevators, elevators with regenerative power, & emergency lighting. It is UL924 listed for quick permitting in the United States.

When utility power is present, the backup system keeps the batteries at 100% charge and then dissipates any excess regenerative power through the resistor bank. Once UL 1741SA certification is complete (estimated Q2 2021), a simple software change will allow the backup system to pass the excess regenerative power back to the building main panel so the power can be used by other electrical loads in the building to enhance overall building energy efficiency.


When utility power is not present, the backup system first uses the regenerative power to recharge the batteries and passes any extra power to the resistor bank to be dissipated as heat. After the first 2-4 elevator cycles, the batteries are typically sufficiently drained so that all the regenerative power goes into recharging the batteries and the resistor bank is no longer used.

  • 60KVA/48KW System, Input PF 0.99, Output PF 0.8
  • 3 Phase Input/Output
    • Input Requirement (For Operation And Charging): 225 Amps @ 120/208Y VAC
    • Input Requirement (For Operation And Charging): 100 Amps @ 277/480Y VAC
    • Maximum Output: 133 Amps @ 120/208Y VAC
    • Maximum Output: 57 Amps @ 277/480Y VAC
  • (1) UPS + (4) Battery Cabinets
    • UPS Configuration: (120/208Y Or 277/480Y Version): 24″ Wide x 84″ High x 31.5″ Deep, Top Cable Entry
    • Battery Cabinet Configuration (120/208Y Version): 48VDC Battery Voltage, 7 Strings Of Batteries Per Cabinet, 28 Batteries Per Cabinet, Enersys 12XE1150F Batteries, Cabinet Dimensions: 48.5″ Wide x 84″ High x 33.6″ Deep, 1,000 lbs Without Batteries
    • Battery Cabinet Configuration (277/480Y Version): 348VDC Battery Voltage, 1 String Of Batteries Per Cabinet, 29 Batteries Per Cabinet, CSB XPL6700 Batteries, Cabinet Dimensions: 36″ Wide x 78.7″ High x 29.5″ Deep, 600 lbs Without Batteries
  • Resistor Bank BTU/Hr Estimate (Fluctuates Depending On Elevator Usage): 30,000
  • UL 924 Listed
  • UL 1778 Listed (not separately derived, but includes back feed protection as per UL 1778, input is galvanically isolated from output, uses input neutral, neutral and ground are not bonded in the system, transformer less system)
  • IEEE
  • CE
  • Transfer Time AC To DC or DC To AC = 0ms
  • 125% Overload For 15 Seconds
  • Short Circuit Capacity: On AC 10x Current For 20ms, On DC 3x Current For 20ms
  • Pure Sine Wave, Double Conversion
  • Low Dynamic Output Recovery
  • Works With Elevators With Regenerative Drives (Integrated Bi-Directional Inverter + Resistor Bank)
  • Audible Alarm & LCD Display
  • Includes Grouping Of Programmable Relays
  • Less Than 3% THD
  • Does Not Require Spill Containment
  • Product Available November 2020
Part Number:  Input/Output AC Voltage & Battery Chemistry:
BBP-EIS-60KW120KWH-UL924-208V-AGM 120/208Y, AGM
BBP-EIS-60KW120KWH-UL924-480V-AGM 277/480Y, AGM